We are happy to baptize children of practicing Catholics … and if you are not practicing your faith, come to Saint Agnes. Give us a try! And if you find that your faith is nourished here, we have won a new parishioner and you have found a good parish!

Please contact Marco Matute, Administrative Asst. to learn more.


Children's Faith Formation

When a child is baptized, the parents promise that they will be the first and best teachers in matters of the faith for their child. We are happy to help you in this.

Please visit our CFF page for more information.



We are pleased to help you prepare for your marriage. It makes sense to "marry in the church" if you are practicing your faith. We think that if you come to Saint Agnes parish you will find a spiritual home. It brings integrity to your desire to have a Catholic marriage and helps us to have the integrity to assist you.

Please contact us at least six months prior to your proposed wedding date. If you have been married before and desire to marry according to the ways of the Church, give us a little extra time, and we will work with you.

Please contact Marco Matute, Administrative Asst. to learn more.


Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

If you have been thinking that you would like to learn more about the Catholic Faith and/or feel that God has been leading you in this direction, classes are offered regularly for adults seeking Baptism, Confirmation or full admission into the Church (for those who have been previously baptized in another Christian Community). Sessions begin in September.

The schedule can be found here.


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